Ryan has polished off his review of the new nVIDIA chipset for AMD processors, the 780a, specifically the ASUS M3N-HT.   Go read the full review, so that when the PC Perspective Podcast is posted, you can follow along with our discussion of hybrid SLI and onboard graphics turning off discrete graphics cards completely, and taking over for the less 3D intensive applications, such as anything that is not gaming.  That way you will have some great questions to leave for us on the podcast voicemail; which we can play and answer during the next podcast we record.

“The drawbacks to the Hybrid Power though outweigh the positives in this current implementation. First, only the 9800 GTX and the 9800 GX2 graphics cards are supported with the 780a SLI chipset – that leaves a whole host of NVIDIA users with 9600 GTs, 8800 GTS and GT cards that probably think they have the right to Hybrid Power technology since their cores are based on the same that rests under the hoods of the 9800 GTX and GX2. Also, the REAL KILLER here is that NVIDIA is promoting the nForce 780a SLI chipset as an enthusiast platform, and pushing Hybrid Power with these high end cards, yet the fact that the motherboard GPU can only output at 1920×1200 resolutions is not-so-cleverly hidden.”

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