This seems more to be a blow towards WiMax than anything else, but according to this report the upcoming Atom-based ASUS Eee PC 901 machine will no longer come with WiMax support built-in but will instead be an option only for contract customers. 

ASUS Eee PC 901 no longer getting WiMax - Mobile 2

Although Asustek Computer’s CEO said in January that the company planned to integrate WiMAX technology into its next generation Eee PCs, recently it has decided to make WiMAX available only as an option to contract customers, according to industry sources.

After two quarters of evaluation, Asustek believes the WiMAX market will not reach maturity in 2008, and has therefore decided to push WiMAX only in its 14.1- to 15.4-inch notebooks, mainly in the US market, noted the sources.

Asustek will keep to its original plans to launch WiMAX-based VX2, U6 and V1 notebooks before the end of this year, however, the cancellation of the WiMAX Eee PC is likely to impact the company’s original goal of having WiMAX featured in 15% of notebook shipments in 2008.