The Super Talent Pico drive lineup is very impressive, if you are looking for compact storage.  The biggest drive, 8Gb, is only 1.5″ long and the others shrink from that.  Bjorn3D thought that a little decoration, like an LED fro activity would be a nice touch, but that overall these drives are some of the best they have seen.  Just make sure not to drop one, you may never see it again.
“I often thought that US customers have such a narrow selection when it comes to the USB flash drives. Look at Far East counties, like Japan, Korean, and Taiwan, and you can see an array of flash drives in different shapes and forms. Of course, having a flashy looking drive really does not offer anything else as a flash drive is a flash drive. However, I do think that as long as a flash drive is able to deliver the performance, having an exotic and eye-catching looks is certainly a plus.

A few week ago, Super Talent has released world smallest flash drive—Pico. I was so excited to see that finally someone has released something unique and different in the US. I am so excited that I thought I must take a look at this baby and the folks at Super Talent are extremely generous and sent one out to us for review really fast. So, here we are today, let’s take this drive out for a spin, shall we.”

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