Testing Methodology and System Setup
There were lots of angles from which to approach this review.  Since the 780G chipset has already been well covered in comparison to discrete budget video solutions, I will be mainly focused on comparing this board to two other boards based on the 780G chipset. The ECS A780GM-A will be compared performance wise with the ASRock A780FullDisplayPort and GIGABYTE GA-MA78GM-S2H both 780G based products. By doing so, we will insure that the ECS A780GM-A is up to par performance wise, with other 780G products on the market.  

ECS A780GM-A AMD 780G Motherboard Review - Motherboards 96


ECS A780GM-A AMD 780G Motherboard Review - Motherboards 97

Since the Hybrid graphics capability is only compatible with lower end ATI discrete GPU solutions(HD 2400 Series2, ATI Radeon HD 3400 Series), I will not be testing that ability of the board, as serious gaming enthusiasts will most likely be selecting higher-end GPU products that would disable the feature altogether.  

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