Usage Results and Conclusions
Testing on the ASUS M50S Notebook

I decided to test the device out on our new ASUS M50S notebook that was in for review and I was very pleased with the results. 

EVGA UV Plus+ External USB VGA Adapter Review - Graphics Cards 30

In this shot you can see the Vista display settings correctly recognizing the installed EVGA UV Plus+ device and attached monitor.

EVGA UV Plus+ External USB VGA Adapter Review - Graphics Cards 31

Physically connecting it couldn’t be easier – USB cable from the P to the UV Plus+ and then attach the new monitor to the device and you are off and running.

EVGA UV Plus+ External USB VGA Adapter Review - Graphics Cards 32

And here you can see the Dell 20″ monitor on the left attached to the UV Plus+ as an extended monitor with our PC Perspective website open and spanned across it and the integrated notebook display. 

I tested the UV Plus+ out for several hours on this configuration as well as on another desktop system and did not run into any problems.  The secondary display was always correctly recognized and easily configured.  The speed of the display was JUST noticeably slower than the primary display attached to the video card but even though I could notice it if I tried, it did not affect my productivity at all.  I ran Vista on both test systems, one 32-bit and one 64-bit, without seeing any problems with the Aero interface that of course requires 3D acceleration.  The GPU was more than capable of handling the necessary processing for both displays. 

Pricing, Availability and Initial Thoughts

The EVGA UV Plus+ units will be available later in May exclusively at Circuit City, at least for now.  There are no set prices yet but I am hearing that the higher-end UV 16 unit will be priced around $75 and I were to wager a guess, that would put the UV 12 in at $55-60.  At these prices the EVGA UV Plus+ will cost you about as much as the lowest end 3D PCI Express cards from AMD or NVIDIA.  And while you do get more out of those add-in cards than you do from this external USB device, including basic 3D gaming support, etc, if you have a desktop PC chances are you already have a better add-in card for gaming than you can get for that $75 price tag anyway;so the purchase of this more flexible external device might make more sense.  If you are using a notebook computer you have no way to add in additional GPUs or video connections than what was provided by the manufacturer leaving the UV Plus+ as your best option for monitor expansion. 

EVGA UV Plus+ External USB VGA Adapter Review - Graphics Cards 33 
The EVGA UV Plus+ UV 16

Even though the sample we had was a hand built pre-production sample I have to say I was pretty impressed with the EVGA UV Plus+.  The final version will definitely be a little bit prettier and won’t have any odd logos engraved in it but the important part is obviously in its ability to perform.  In my testing the UV Plus+ more than met expectations by easily provided extra virtual desk space on an additional monitor by utilizing only a single USB port and not requiring an extra graphics card.  If you really need a TON of work space the EVGA UV Plus+ can support as many as six devices attached to single computer – that would provide 7+ monitors for all your financial analysis, web browser, twitter, facebook-ing needs.  Any user that find themselves out of monitor real estate that can’t or doesn’t want to open their computer to add in another graphics card will find the EVGA UV Plus+ to be the perfect fit. 

EVGA UV Plus+ External USB VGA Adapter Review - Graphics Cards 34

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