Ryan just finished reviewing the EVGA UV Plus+, an external graphics adaptor with a nice look and size.  It is a little box that acts as a virtual GPU, even to the point of having DDR memory on board.  It can’t really handle Crysis, but it has no problems display the Vista Aero interface, so it does have at least some power inside it.  It will also support up to seven displays, making it far more handy for those users who need to have enormous amounts of screen real estate.

“I tested the UV Plus+ out for several hours on this configuration as well as on another desktop system and did not run into any problems. The secondary display was always correctly recognized and easily configured. The speed of the display was JUST noticeably slower than the primary display attached to the video card but even though I could notice it if I tried, it did not affect my productivity at all. I ran Vista on both test systems, one 32-bit and one 64-bit, without seeing any problems with the Aero interface that of course requires 3D acceleration. The GPU was more than capable of handling the necessary processing for both displays.”

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