The Lexar Gaming Edition 2GB SD Card and 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo is for console gamers looking for some extra space and a few cheats tossed in as a bonus.  They will work with the PS3 and Wii, and with the Xploder Lite software you can even get some save games for a few popular titles.  Check it out at Red & Blackness Mods.

“With flash memory getting cheaper and capacity getting larger, it makes more sense than ever to purchase a new card for your gaming system or for any other device that takes it. What makes these cards special is that they feature free downloadable Xploder Lite software, meaning that they essentially, and I quote, give “you the ability to skip levels, access secret characters, stock up on ammo, and more!”. Lexar sent us these two cards to review, and today I will be finding out if they’re all that they’re cracked up to be.”

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