Razer’s Destructor Professional Gaming Mat claims some rather impressive improvements in mouse movement when you use it.  Think Computers concurs, they found that when they used to mat, they actually had to reduce their mouse’s sensitivity.  Check out the pad it’s self, it’s carrying case, and ponder over their warning; “excessive rubbing of the mousepad will result in numbing in the fingers.”

“The Razer Destructor Professional Gaming Mat is certainly something gamers should look into buying. Razer’s test showed an increase in tracking of 37% with laser mice and 25% compared to other gaming-grade surfaces. This surface is of the highest quality. Razer claims it as the Razer Fractal surface for high-precision gameplay. Something that you probably haven’t seen with any other gaming-grade mousepad is a protective carrying case, which comes included with the Destructor. Perfect for on-the-go gamers.”

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