The NZXT Cryo LX Notebook Cooler will keep your gaming notebook cool.  Built of aluminium and sporting 3 120mm fans, it is almost a giant heatsink sucking hot air out of your laptop as fast as it can.  Think Computers tried it out on a Dell XPS M1210 and saw a 12C drop in temperature under load.

“Laptops are really becoming popular, especially when it comes to desktop replacements. Many laptops now are just as powerful as desktop computers if not more powerful. A lot of people now prefer laptops over desktop because they can easily take the laptop with them and they take up less space on their desk. One thing about laptops is they easily overheat, especially gaming laptops. That is where notebook coolers come in. Today we will be looking at the Cryo LX notebook cooler from NZXT, which looks like a pretty extreme notebook cooler.”

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