We all admit that having SLI’d GeForce 9800 GX2s gives you the best performance currently, but not many of us have $1200 to drop on a pair of cards.  The Tech Report, undaunted by the number of cards they would need to look at has accepted the challenge of finding the best price versus performance on the graphics market today.  There are even good mid range SLI setups to consider.

“Last time we attempted to quantify the value propositions of a large cross-section of competing products, we concentrated on microprocessors. Ever since then, we’ve wanted to explore the same concept with graphics cards. Thanks to our latest round of graphics card reviews, which culminated with the massive GeForce 9 series multi-GPU extravaganza last month, we’ve ended up with enough benchmark data to paint a fairly complete picture of today’s mid- to high-end GPU market.

Armed with this information, we’ve taken another crack at quantifying value, this time by looking at what sort of GPU power you get for your dollar. The results are interesting, if nothing else. Read on to see what we found.”

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