Western Digital extended their Caviar lineup to include the GreenPower series.  Costing a bit more, but with various powersaving enhancements inside, they were mostly aimed at the enterprise level.  The powersaving technologies did slow the performance a bit, something most enthusiasts would never accept.  OCIA’s testing of the GreenPower gets bigger - Storage 3GreenPower gets bigger - Storage 4Western Digital Caviar GP 1 TB SATA HDD shows that the variable platter speed does slow it a bit, but the pricing is much better than the original series.

“As various components become more advanced, they also require more power to operate. According to Western Digital, the average 1 TB hard drive has a power consumption rating greater than 13.5 watts. Western Digital’s new GreenPower drive, which we will be looking at here today, claims to shave 4-5 watts over typical drives in the same category. Any power saving is a welcomed addition, but will the drive’s performance be hampered to accomplish this?”

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