Watching hardware in distress is always great fun; when it’s someone else’s.  Feed your voyeuristic tendencies with this live stream at VIA Arena, where you can see a VIA EPIA board running full out, while naked.  That’s right, the poor thing has had it’s heatsink stripped off, and it is still running.  Not only is there a live stream of the system, there is a contest to guess when it will die, and VIA Arena has vowed that it will die.

“To demonstrate the remarkable power and thermal-efficiency of the VIA EPIA PX5000EG board, VIA welcomes you to take part in the ‘Naked Pico Challenge’ where we will push the one watt VIA Eden ULV processor and in fact the whole board to it’s absolute limits by running a system under full load without any cooling whatsoever! The closest guess of how long the VIA EPIA PX5000EG board can take the strain will win a VIA ARTiGO Builder Kit.”

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