Wii style motion sensing may be the next big thing and an Israeli company called Prime Sense may be the ones to help push it out.  The Inquirer looks at the technology behind this, a motion sensor that can sense human motion without the need to attach anything to that human, or having them wave a stick around.  Gaming is certainly one application for this, but the company is also talking about replacing remote controls as well as getting into surveillance and automotive controls.

“A COMPANY CALLED Prime Sense has wrapped up its second round of funding, bagging a whopping $20.4 million from the American venture capitalist firm, Canaan Partners.

The cash is a huge boost to the firm which had already managed to raise $9 million from Gemini and Genesis partners in its first round of funding.

Prime Sense’s technology has created a device that lets computers see the world around them in three dimensions, deriving spatial understanding of their surroundings in the same way as humans do with their eyes.”

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