Even though its only an exterior image, apparently the new Eee PC 901 is being showcased as using the Intel Atom processor and platform.  The exterior is slightly modified and spiffed up but don’t expect too much. 

Intel's Atom in upcoming ASUS Eee PC 901 - Mobile 2

It was just yesterday that the official announcement of the Atom-based MSI Wind’s pricing prompted us to wonder where ASUS’s promised Atom Eee 900was, and would you look at that — here’s the Eee 901, looking radiant in white. Of course, the major changes are internal, so the exterior looks pretty much the same — apart from some extra buttons and the relocation of the power jack — but it’s good to know this thing is inching closer to release. Now if we could just get some benchmarks and pricing info, we’d be all set. Check the read link for tons more pics.