The new P45 Express chipset, at least the ASUS P5Q and P5Q3 Deluxe, monitor the reductions in you CO2 emissions when you enable their Energy Processing Unit.   Now, as a benchmark, that may not catch on for most hardware sites, nor do I know of a single user that has bragged about lowering their PCs carbon footprint, but there must be some out there, somewhere.  That is not the high point of The Tech Reports review; Intel and ASUS have both included much more interesting features on their new mid-range platform.  The full review is just a click away.

“Given the impressive flexibility and consistent quality of Intel’s mid-range chipsets, we’ve naturally been looking forward to the new P45 Express with bated breath. This successor to the P35 hasn’t yet been formally announced, but we managed to get our hands on P45-based P5Q and P5Q3 Deluxe motherboards from Asus to run through the wringer. Read on to see if Intel’s latest mid-range chipset lives up to its lineage.”

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