The Acer Aspire Predator Gaming PC is orange, whether they would prefer it be called metallic copper or not, it is as orange as a recent release from Valve.  bit-tech did look beyond the finish on the case, to the interior of Acer’s PC which features a self contained watercooling setup, SLI’d cards and more.  If you are looking for an impressive system, both on the outside and the inside, drop by for a look.

“We certainly believe that Acer has a market in PC World style retail stores for first time buyers and families wanting something special, but we aren’t sure if Acer will ever break into the market covered by boutique system builders like Vadim. What’s more, most serious gamers are often running on a shoe-string budget, so £1,500+ for a gaming machine that will be out of date in a year is a lot of money to cough up.

We’ll be having a much closer look at one of Acer’s Aspire Predator gaming PCs in the near future to see if our concerns turn out to be reality once production grade hardware is available.”

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