VIA’s Isaiah may have changed it’s name to Nano, but that is the only thing that has changed about this low power CPU.  VIA has always been the king of small, low power processors, and has seen competition appearing from Intel.  VIA takes advantage of that history to ensure the new Nano will work with existing C7 compatible boards.  For once, Intel is the new kid on the block.  Read Ryan’s take on these high powered, low wattage processors.

“If all goes as planned, the adoption rate for VIA’s new processor should be swift as the CPU is pin-to-pin compatible with any motherboard platform built for the VIA C7 processor and uses the same bus technology and chipsets. This is something that Intel’s Atom line of processors based around Silverthorne definitely cannot offer. Not only that but the VIA Nano Processor and accompanying platform can support many features that Atom leaves behind like full speed PCI Express buses.”

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