SteelSeries’ 5H v2 USB Headset is more than just a headphone/microphone combo, it also has it’s own built in sound card.  The sound card lets you adjust the virtual 7.1 surround sound that the headphones offer, as well as individual volumes and balances.  OCIA were not impressed when they tried using it to listen to music, but when they tried gaming, their opinion totally changed.

“For a lot of people, an all-in-one bundle from a popular brand is just what they need; it would minimize the research work for finding quality, and it would combine soundcard and speakers/headphones to further reduce consumer work. Enter the 5H v2 USB headset from SteelSeries. This headset not only comes backed by the name that so many people trust, SteelSeries, but also comes bundled with a USB soundcard for a cheap upgrade over onboard sound.”

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