If you want to talk tech, at least as how it pertains to some sort of gaming standard, drop by this thread talking about the AMD GAME! system.  We told you what we think on the PC Perspective Podcast, but let everyone know what you think.  If you are more of a do-it-yourselfer who would never consider buying parts a PC company recommended to you, then let the folks on our forums give you tips on the best parts to buy.  You can also pick up advice on older parts, and the best way to breathe a little life back into an old system.

Gaming isn’t the only purpose to these machines though, don’t forget the home theatre potential of a good build.  Get some tips on how to go about enhancing your HDTV experience in the HTPC forum.  If you like the really big screen, there is a movie coming out that a lot of members have been waiting for, for a long time now.  Any thoughts?