In other news, Hanna Montana thinks computers should all be mauve and smell nice.

Tech news may be changing for a lot of people, as CNET just got bought by CBS.  There is probably a small chance that CNET might still cover at least some IT related news, but Slashdot’s cynics probably have this one right.  CNET may not have been the best source of news for techies, but it did do a good job of aggregating a lot of disparate stories for the time-challenged geek.

“According to an announcement made today by Neil Ashe, CEO of CNET Networks, CBS has acquired CNET Networks. “Today, CNET Networks announced that it has been acquired by US media company CBS, in a deal valued at $1.8bn. The agreement represents an important strategic step for both companies and should be completed by the third quarter of 2008.” So guess we’ll be seeing The Late Show with Dan Ackerman, Molly Wood in Hollywood and CSISpot.”

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