Five speaker systems are under review at ExtremeTech, Logitech’s Z Cinema and G51, the Bose Computer MusicMonitor, Razer’s Mako and the Boston Acoustics MM 226.  Only the G51 is a 5.1 system, the others are a set of two, some coming with a subwoofer as well.  None will make an audiophiles short list of speaker systems, but for a PC they cover a wide gamut of possible uses.  Perhaps the most innovative design in the set is the Makos, which use Cat5 cable for their speaker connections.

“Can you hear that? It’s the sound of your computer…not sounding right. For all the effort we put into analyzing the sound hardware in our PC—sounds cards and integrated audio—the music, movies, and games you play will only ever sound as good as your speakers are capable of. There’s no point in having decent audio hardware if the sound is squeaking out of a pair of really cheap “came with the computer” speakers from three years ago.

Speakers aren’t the hot topic they were several years ago, when Creative, Logitec, and Klipsch battled to produce the biggest and baddest 5.1 audio systems you could plug into your beige box, but they’re no less important. Whether you have the room and budget for just a simple stereo pair or a full surround sound getup, a good speaker set will increase your computer enjoyment immeasurably. If you want to hear what you may have been missing, check out these five reviews of recent PC audio systems.”

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