nVIDIA failed to capture The Inquirer with an NDA about their recent editors day, leaving them free to spill the beans on nVIDIA’s plans for their CPU lines.  Check out the little bit that we know about this answer to Intel’s Atom for now, and expect lots of updates as Computex grows closer.

“NVIDIA IS GOING to release two types of CPUs in the near future. On June 3rd, according to the slides from this week’s reviewers day. Luckily as they forgot to invite us, they forgot to NDA us as well so we can tell you all about the Tegra APX 2500 and CSX 600/650 while others can only fume. Awwwww.

ARM11 based system on a chip. This one is aimed at handheld devices in the same way that Atom is.

The chip itself comes in a 144mm2 package, not die, and can do 720p encode and decode at 14MBps. It supports the same last gen features as much of the current GeForce line, can do AA and AF, and will support OpenGL ES 2.0.”

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