DFI’s LanParty series has been going strong for years, and their newest board, the LT X48 T2R is no disappointment.  You can see in bit-tech’s review that this X48 based board has a lot of extras, including one very impressive passive chipset cooler.

“If you love your DFI boards then you’ll be onto a winner with the LANParty LT X48 T2R – everything you need out of Intel’s X48 chipset is provided and there’s a lot of fun and time investment to be had with it. After talking to BIOS engineers and others in DFI’s QA team, the limitations we’ve been finding are essentially chipset level and there’s plenty of beta BIOS out there to try on DFI communities that only add to its true, core-enthusiast appeal. However finding these places and knowing who to ask isn’t the most obvious thing on earth – DFI should fill its manual with more BIOS details, overclocking tips and support forum links for new DFI owners can dive into. This “left to get on with it” is harsh to say the least.”

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