Thecus N5200 Series Brings Surveillance to Property Owners with Network Camera Functionality

Many property owners are victims of property break-ins and therefore would spend a fortune on surveillance systems to protect their properties. Normally, these equipments involve complicated operations and are always confusing to users, not to mention they are always expensive. It would not be economical to home owners. Thecus has brought a low-cost but effective alternative by incorporating network camera on to Thecus N5200 series products. The setup and operation are an ease. With a few simple configuration steps, users are able to link network cameras (maximum of five cameras) to Thecus N5200. The still images captured by these cameras are stored in the NAS and compressed into MPEG for easy viewing. The entire operation therefore generates an image log of the monitored environment. Supported camera models are:

– Afreey ANC-818G
– Axis 207
– SparkLan CAS-370W
– Panasonic BL-C10
– Vivotek PT-7137.

Network camera function on Thecus NAS presents a simple, economic and productive property surveillance solution. With only the cost of the network cameras, Thecus N5200 series provides the basic monitoring system at home or office without additional expenses. It is one of the attractive features users praise Thecus NAS.

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