Not to say that the Antec Signature 850W is a bad PSU, in fact it is far from it.  The problem lies in it’s marketing; you might expect a Signature Series to be the best a company can provide.  Instead, with an MSRP of $299 this Antec PSU is not certified for either SLI or Crossfire and it’s voltage varies almost all the way to the edges of the ATX specs.  It is good, but not as good others AnandTech has reviewed.

“We saw the Signature series for the first time at CES 2008 in Antec’s suite, and some of the details caught our attention. We were shown a dual-layered power supply with a PWM controlled fan and a DC-to-DC conversion for the lower voltage rails such as 3.3V and 5V. A few weeks ago, Antec sent us a message saying that we would be getting the first unit of this power supply to test. Hot off the production line, it finally arrived this week.

Antec is perhaps better known for their cases, which have some very nice acoustic and design concepts and are built for midrange to high-end enthusiasts. With the Signature series, Antec wants to leave its mark on the PSU market and enhance their reputation for quality power. Antec took a long time to develop this power supply and it will form, with the TruePower Quattro series, the arrowhead of Antec’s line-up of power supplies. There are currently 650W and 850W versions in this series, and we will review the larger one today. The 650W version will also be of interest to the market as 650W units are mostly used for the midrange PCs that dominate the market in terms of volume.”

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