It has almost been a month since VIA announced their Strategic Open Source Driver initiative and Phoronix is unimpressed.  So far there is a binary-only Chrome 9 driver for two distros … and the webpage it’s self.  The forums aren’t working and VIA seems to be planning to design it’s own bug tracker, as opposed to using existing ones as AMD chose to do.  Seems like they weren’t quite ready to go live when they made the announcement.
“Last month we reported on VIA’s new open-source driver efforts that was announced at the LF Austin Summit. This new strategy involves VIA providing the open-source community with NDA-free hardware specifications, code, and other resources — in a similar fashion to what ATI/AMD and Intel have been doing for some time now. However, not everyone has been satisfied by this announcement and their new Linux website isn’t yet exactly useful. We explore the VIA Linux situation in this article as well as sharing what two open-source developers have to say.”

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