The Sungju TangoX Nano is one of the first VIA Nanobooks that VIA Arena has had a chance to look at.  It runs Windows XP Tablet edition, has a touch screen for those who have trouble with miniaturized keyboards and even comes with a Skype/VoIP phone.  It is going to be available in Korea soon, no word on anywhere else.

“The Sungju TangoX Nano is an attractive new UMPC based on the VIA Nanobook reference design. Like other UMPCs, such as the Stone UMPC or the Belinea 1, the Sungju TangoX Nano has a 7-inch (800 x 480 resolution) touch screen LCD display. It runs Windows XP Tablet edition with a stylus tucked in neatly at top of screen. The top part of the notebook cannot be rotated like a lot of tablet style devices. However, the orientation of the screen itself can be flipped so that you can lay the laptop upside down (with the keyboard facing away from you) and work directly with the touch screen interface.”

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