Not everyone wants or needs a heatsink that stands 8″ tall, or weighs two pounds.  In some systems, it is absolutely overkill, and in others there is no way a large performance heatsink could fit.  Overclocker’s Club reviewed the Thermolab Micro Silencer, aimed at smaller systems or for those builders that want a cooler that can beat the Intel stock fan in performance, and do it quietly.  There isn’t really any room for overclocking, but that isn’t everyones first plan when they get a new system.

“As you can see, this cooler was outperformed by the other heatsinks, except for the Nano Silencer, in each test. When you take a look at the size difference between the Micro Silencer and the other heatsinks it was compared to, it should not have been able to beat them or even come close. However, again taking a look at its size, it is able to remove the heat off of the processor better than the stock cooler provided by Intel.”

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