If you are looking for an easy way to play your iPod in your car or anywhere else you are having difficulty connecting it, try the Belkin TuneCast Auto.  It is an FM transmitter that will broadcast whatever your iPod is playing to an FM channel that you pick, it is as easy as that.  circuitREMIX were a little dissapointed with the Clearscan feature, but didn’t find that one lack to take too much away from a perfectly good gadget.

“I normally don’t review non-computer accessories circuitREMIX, but I made an exception for Belkin’s TuneCast Auto with Clearscan for iPhone/iPod. For one, iPods are hugely popular around the world and the new iPhone 3G is going to make a huge splash on July 11. As well, I personally own some iPods and I intend on buying an iPhone 3G when they’re released. In my personal interest in the matter, I’ve had some trouble finding a good FM transmitter for my iPods. My car is from 2003, and that was before most cars came standard with auxilary input jacks for audio devices. It also doesn’t have a cassette deck, and since I’m still using the OEM stereo, there isn’t an easy way to install a direct cable input. Using an FM transmitter is my only easy option to get audio from my iPods to my stereo, and out the speakers.”

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