The ASUS Lion Square takes a bit of style and pairs it with above average performance to offer a fairly good choice for cooling quad cores.  Legit Reviews has some nice pictures of this cooler and the decoration that ASUS included on it, as well as a look at it’s performance.  Make sure you have a case that can properly display this cooler, otherwise you might be better off choosing one a little more powerful and a little less flashy.

“Today we look at the newest CPU cooler from ASUS, the Lion Square. Named for the Sword Lion legend and designed with quad core CPU’s in mind this seems to be a slick heat sink. The bold and unique design features eight heat pipes that originate from the copper base all the way to the top where they are covered by neat looking nuts. The very top of the cooler has a cover that mimics the shape of a shield. It looks great, but how will it perform? ”

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