The interior reinforcements, duct tape.  The sides, duct tape.  The reinforcements, duct tape.  The ducting … well there is no ducting, but if there was …

Drop by Icrontic to see this awesome use of the handyman’s secret modding weapon, and remember … “If women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.”

“Duct tape is probably one of the most geeky materials known to man. We have a history of working with duct tape that includes some fairly impressive constructs, as well as several contest victories for creating purpose-built structures in a short timeframe.

In February of 2007, we decided to put our skills working with DuctTape into a long-term, practical project. We wanted to build something that could really be useful. We decided on a computer case. Our objective was not to create a working computer out of tape and computer parts, but rather to create a case which could be used to house any computer with a small form-factor motherboard.”

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