I think this was something we all pretty much saw coming, but it seems to be getting more official as rumors like this start to circulate that AMD’s 65nm production has just reached its limit.

AMD originally planned to launch two 65nm dual-core Phenom processors codenamed Kuma for the desktop PC market in May or June this year, however the company has recently suspended the plans and will let its Athlon X2 5600B processor cover the market until the company enters 45nm production, according to sources at motherboard makers.

In addition to dual-core Phenoms, AMD has also halted plans to launch Phenom FX processors for the enthusiast market.

The sources pointed out that due to AMD’s inability to increase the frequencies of its Phenom CPUs, the company has decided to shelve the launch of Phenom FX-80 1P and Phenom FX-90 2P processors.

However, AMD is still on track with the launch schedule for its 45nm Deneb FX processors.