When it rains, it pours

ASUS has made a name for itself with everyday consumers with the Eee PC line of mini-notebooks. Now that competition is circling in from just about everyone else in the industry, ASUS is updating their product line with two new models.
It would seem that at this year’s Computex show, no one has more to say than ASUS with maybe the exception of Intel. ASUS has already launched the new Eee Box Atom-based PC that looks to impress with both aesthetics and decent performance for a sub-$300 computer.  Now they are set to update their new favorite product line, the mini-notebook called the Eee PC with two new models. 

First up is the Eee PC 901 series – an update to the form factor of the current Eee PC 900 that adds Intel’s Atom technology. 

Computex 2008: ASUS Eee PC Updates - 901 and 1000 Series - Mobile 5

The casing has slightly changed from the Eee PC 900 as it is just a bit larger, has a slightly larger keyboard but still keeps the same 8.9″ screen that its predecessor has.  Your options for operating system and hard drive remain the same: 20GB with Windows XP or 12GB with Linux.

The more exciting product is the new Eee PC 1000 – a completely new design.

Computex 2008: ASUS Eee PC Updates - 901 and 1000 Series - Mobile 6

The 1000 is still a bit of mystery when it comes to specifications, but we DO know that it will at least offer some WiMAX connectivity and 3G cellular network connections.  As the model number suggests, the Eee PC 1000 has a 10″ screen and couples that with a larger chassis and keyboard design that is apparently very similar to that of the HP Mini-Note. 

There are some other mysterious data points provided by ASUS as well including support for as much as 7.8 hours of battery life – considering the original Eee PCs are pulling in a whopping 2-3 hours that is quite a jump and I’d have to see it before I’d believe it.  ASUS claims that “the exclusive Super Hybrid Engine technology provides three GUI modes to easily adjust CPU frequency, voltage, and LCD brightness to minimize system noise and power consumption to save up to 15% power consumption, or to maximize system performance according to individual needs.”  Sounds good to me as long as it works.

Computex 2008: ASUS Eee PC Updates - 901 and 1000 Series - Mobile 7

Computex 2008: ASUS Eee PC Updates - 901 and 1000 Series - Mobile 8

Finally, just to round it out, these two above shots show the Eee PC with WiMax at work – and apparently connected as well.  That’s certainly a good sign.

I have to admit that after last year’s Computex, I was more than skeptical about the viability of ASUS’ Eee brand but I was proven to be VERY wrong – after just 6 months of sales the company has pawned off over a million of the mini-notebooks to customers around the world.  And by now, I have bought into the propaganda and am really looking forward to see what the new lines of Eee PC and Eee Box can bring to busy people’s lifestyle.

UPDATE: Some new specifications are coming out about the Eee PC 1000 and Eee PC 1000(H) models:
  • Will come with either a 40GB SSD drive and Linux or a 80GB standard hard drive with Windows XP OR Linux
  • The battery is a six-cell design that should offer UP TO 7 hours of batter life
  • The 1000H model will be slightly heavier at 3.2 lbs compared to the standard 1000 at 2.9 lbs
  • Estimated pricing puts these models at $500 or so as they are basically becoming more and more just normal notebooks…