During a meeting with Intel today, we got a little preview of some technology that Intel is going to be using to show off the power of their coming 8-core Nehalem processors.

Computex 2008: Intel Demonstrates Nehalem and Touchscreen Interface - Processors 3

The closed up case featured a large-ish LCD on the front that Intel had placed an open Windows Task Manager screen on to demonstrate CPU utilization while demoing.  They wouldn’t let us peak inside – weak.  As for what we KNEW about the hardware inside, all they would say is that it was a Nehalem processor that was “overclocked” though at this point (with no specific parts or frequencies known) I would assume that ALL Nehalems are essentially overclocked.  You might also guess from that funny 2.5″ hard drive on top, that Intel had their own SSDs (solid state drives) working as the storage medium; they in fact had two of them working in RAID 0 and you could guess the response times were very snappy.

Computex 2008: Intel Demonstrates Nehalem and Touchscreen Interface - Processors 4

What Intel was doing with the computer was even more impressive.  Using a piece-meal but publicly available set of IR lights this standard Dell 30″ monitor had become a touch screen display.  Intel was using that input medium, along with software that organizes photos by date, location and scales them much like Google maps does, to show the power of the upcoming Intel Nehalem cores and I must say the demonstration was pretty impressive.  If nothing else, it made me want to go out and buy this input mechanism, no matter how ugly it looks attached to the display like this.

Intel has a lot going on at this year’s Computex show, as they always do, though information about Nehalem and Larrabee is very sparse.  They are more intent to focus on P45 and Atom with their partners actively display products built around them, and will most likely save any and all talk of future technologies for IDF this August.