Then Metal Gear Solid 4 is probably for you; if you never liked it, or never played it, probably not.  The review at Ars Technica does contain a few spoilers, as it was hard for them to discuss how bad they felt the ending played out without mentioning why it was bad.  Still, they did find plenty to like about it, including the well done mulitplayer game.

“Like Halo 3 before it, Metal Gear Solid 4 is in a sense the end of a generation and the beginning of a new one. The story of Solid Snake concludes with this final installment in the Solid sub-series of the Metal Gear franchise. And though Snake, withered from rapid degeneration because of his clone-borne genes, is at his frailest in this adventure, MGS4 proves to be the most sophisticated and enjoyable entry in the series. Despite these accolades, though, the game stumbles at times like its aging protagonist, showing its years of wear. ”

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