The folks over at Expreview got their mitts on an Intel roadmap that shows not just one Nehalem processor, but three. 

Intel roadmap details a few Nehalem processors in Q4 - Processors 2

You can see that there are Bloomfield CPUs listed at 2.66 GHz for the mainstream, 2.93 GHz for the performance segment and the uber-fast 3.2 GHz speed that will be seen in the Extreme product line.  While there aren’t any prices listed, take note of what CPUs are listed in that segment today: the Q9450 in the mainstream market sells for less than $350 so we can assume the Bloomfield at 2.66 GHz would sell for a similar amount. 

We have a lot more information on Intel’s Nehalem-architecture-based Bloomfield processors in recent news and articles; feel free to explore!