The Inquirer had a chance to see three new Qosmio laptops, all using Toshiba’s proprietary Synergistic Processor Elements, as opposed to a processor from VIA, Intel or AMD.  Drop by for a look at the hardware inside them, but we will have to wait a while before we can see the performance numbers

“TOSHIBA HAS RECENTLY shown off three new additions to its Qosmio product range in the F50, G50 and the portable X300.

The 15.4-inch F50, and the 18.4-inch G50 both boast Toshiba’s own Quad Core HD Processor, based on cell architecture made up of no less than four ‘Synergistic Processor Elements’ (gasp!) which, according to the company, allow for real-time high definition upscaling of DVD content, video editing and high speed transcoding.”

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