As we are all feeling a little worried about combining coffee and the internet, this little tool that Hack a Day linked to may help you relax.  DecaffeinatID sits unobtrusively in your taskbar until something causes Windows security log to take notice, in which case it instantly displays that info in a pop up from it’s icon.  Now you can drop the paranioa level a little the next time you are in an internet cafe, even if you do use Firefox 3.

“Irongeek put together a simple program for monitoring network shenanigans when you’re on an untrusted network like the coffee shop. It sits in the Windows Systray and notifies you about a variety of events. It alerts you when it sees the MAC address of the IP gateway change. It watches the security log and warns you of any attempted or successful logins. The firewall log is also monitered. Try it out and send him any bug reports/feature requests you might have.”

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