LostCircuits are the next to try out OCZ’s Neural Impulse Actuator, and they liked it!  As we have heard, the headband of doom takes a little getting used to, but after that you begin to get the hang of it.  It sounds like UT3 is a great game to try this thing out on, but at what price will it come?

“Brain Computer Interfaces are the trend of the year. After almost one year of development, OCZ Technology’s Neural Impulse Actuator is finally shipping. We have some of the inside scoop on the nia relating to the hardware and software development, as well as some glimpses at the more advanced possibilities of the device. At the end, we have some benchmarks – well, rather some pretty good scores in Unreal Tournament 3 to show that the nia can do a bit more than simply levitating obsolete computer hardware.”

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