Legit Reviews had a chance to visit the Centaur Technologies fab that was responsible for the creation of the Nano.  Not only did they get to see the Nano, there were wafers of C7 chips and rooms filled with games, for testing purposes.  They even got some benchmarks for the Nano, so check it out.

“At this test station these two individuals were individually testing Nano processors at various speeds and temperatures to see if they pass stress testing. If you are curious what Centuar was testing you are in luck. Centaur was checking to see if the VIA Nano CPU’s were stable at 1.8GHz at three different temperatures (85C, 5C and then 25C)with 1.1V on production platforms. The processors that pass testing at this stage move along to become VIA Nano L2100 processors, which are the 1.8GHz processors. I was able to see VIA Nano processors get speed binned right in front my eyes.”

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