The cries are familiar to anyone who remembers the schoolyard back in the primary grades; screams of “No fair, you cheated” echo and messages are passed via third parties, “I won’t talk to him unless he talks to me first”  and “Oh ya, well he better apologize first or I won’t ever speak to him”. Unfortunately, this bitching and moaning is not emanating from small children, though you could be forgiven for thinking so, that whine you hear is coming from people who should have gotten over that type of behaviour years ago.

Josh spoke with Roy Taylor of NVIDIA, Dave Erskine and David Baumann of AMD, Mark Rein of Epic Games, and Oliver Baltuch of Futuremark to get their takes on this.

“So I am here to put, in writing, a message from NVIDIA to AMD. Richard Huddy, please call Roy Taylor at NVIDIA ASAP. He is awaiting your call.”

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