Among with the other problems that Windows XP SP3 caused, HD audio support was reported as missing thanks to the exclusion of the UUA in SP3.  The good news is that those problems only existed in the Release Candidate, the Final has no such problem.  Along with that tidbit, TechARP also offers a bit of advice that anyone who is running XP should heed, “install SP3 only if you have a fresh Windows XP SP2 installation.”

“After years of development, Microsoft finally released Windows XP Service Pack 3 for downloading early last month. Earlier, we covered how the Windows XP SP3 RC didn’t support high definition audio because Microsoft apparently “forgot” to add the Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) driver for High Definition Audio devices in the latest release candidate of the Windows XP Service Pack 3.

Now that the final Windows XP Service Pack 3 has been released, one, especially yours truly, wonders if it now supports high definition audio, or if Microsoft forgot to add the driver once again?”

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