OCMODSHOP has put up a list of Vista features, some of which were new to me, and have finally won a place in my heart for Microsoft’s newest operating system.  Some of the facts are just trivia, some could help you be more productive, though if you are trying to get something done quickly you probably aren’t using Vista.  However, being able to make any key on the keyboard dead easily, or spawning BSoD at any time may have certain uses around the office.

“Windows Vista has had an interesting reception by the technology community, to say the least. People either like it or they hate it, or they think it is O.K. The road to Vista was several years in the making, and there are lots of interesting stories and tidbits about the OS that most people don’t know. We have a collection of very interesting tidbits about Vista (some of which we discovered ourselves).

You can have all the ladies crowd around you at the next geek party by sharing your infinite knowledge of Windows Vista Trivia. Trust me. If it doesn’t work, then dinner is on me…”

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