The newest graphics cooler from Coolink is the GFXChilla, which sports a pair of 80mm fans.  It is a very slim design, which should allow you to still get another card in, depending on your motherboard, and it also comes with some nice extras like memory and voltage regulation heatsinks.  Icrontic was quite happy with it’s performance, and it’s MRSP.

“Coolink has thoroughly impressed me with their new GFXChilla. It is an incredibly potent cooler, able to maintain a GPU load temperature almost 40°C below that of our OEM ATI cooler—all while doing so at lower noise levels. The GFXChilla is a very versatile cooler as well, compatible with just about every graphics card out there. The best part about the GFXChilla, however, is its price. At only $30, Coolink’s GFXChilla is an incredible value.”

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