Psychiatrists are currently arguing about codifying Internet addiction into the next update to the DSM as a mental disorder, but they are ignoring a far, far worse condition; hardware upgrade addiction.  Help a forum member avoid the social stigma of this horrible disease by offering advice on the components most likely to provide enough performance to delay his next upgrade as long as possible.  On the other hand, there are plenty of productive members of society that have come to terms with their problems.

Dropping by the video card forum will let you see how well the new AMD 4870 works for one of our forum members, as well as letting you participate in the debate spawned by Ryan’s article.  In the storage forum you can see how often forum members defragment their drives, so far it’s nowhere near what CNET, PC Mag and the rest seem to be advising in their email alerts. 

Or, if you wish to just skip all that great advice, make sure to drop by The Trading Forum for some great deals, TLR for some great debate, or just the off-topic forum for some great links and general strangeness.

… and take a day off work/school next week, you deserve it!