Super Talent’s new DDR2 Project X DIMMs showed themselves to be pretty powerful, and now Hardware Logic has had a chance to test the DDR3 version.  The 2Gb DDR3-2000 modules run 9-9-9-28 at 2T and hit 5-5-5-12-1T at 1333MHz with a bit of tweaking.  At $250 they are an investment, but if you want that kind of speed you need to pay for it somehow.

“Flashy name with stylized logo, check. Big, intimidating heatsink, check. Killer ratings to back up claims of such, check. While Super Talent has all the makings for an enthusiast brand with its new Project X series, how well it performs in the field is what really matters for success. The rating of PC3-16000 makes it one of very first kits on the market to carry such a blazing fast frequency, but will this new high speed RAM have what it takes to stack up head to head with the competition?”

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