Western Digital now offers their Caviar series of drives in three flavours; blue, green and black.  Blue are the professional series, lacking any interesting features.  The green are the eco drives, with reduced power consumption and noise.  Black is for the enthusiasts, and is also the only drive with a 5 year warranty, the other two colours sport only a 3 year warranty. Find out what has changed in The Tech Lounge’s full article.

“”Welcomed by all, purchased by few: everyone wants a Western Digital VelociRaptor, but the people who have three hundred bucks to spend on three hundred gigs are… rare. Without a doubt, Western Digital has wowed the enthusiasts, but they’re not slowing down on the consumer and enterprise fronts. It’s come to light that the very fast, very quiet, and very cool SE16s aren’t the latest in hard disk tech, but the first with just a few of the new tricks up Western Digital’s corporate sleeve. Today they are launching an all new desktop brand, Caviar Black, claimed to be “WD’s best hard drive ever.” The first products in this new line will be 750GB and 1TB models.”

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