Remember back when a 600g heatsink was huge?  How does 1285g (2.8lbs) suit you?  The Orochi is a 120 x 194 x 155mm cooler that can be used passively, or you could attach a 140mm fan … or three.  In the testing X-bit Labs did, it cooled a 3750MHz (overclocked) quad core with a Vcore of 1.4875V without needing a fan!

“Orochi in Japanese mythology means a snake-like creature with several heads (eight, to be more exact). There is a similar dragon in Russian folklore fairy-tales, too. However, The Russian monster belches smoke and fire and has nothing to do with cooling. However, Scythe marketing people decided it would be a good name for a CPU cooler of this enormous size.

Anyway, I am sure not all the mythic dragons belch fire, and maybe there is something we don’t know about Japanese dragons. So, let’s leave myths and fairly-tales aside and check out this interesting product.”

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