With the new Phenoms drawing 125W, making sure your motherboard can support one is a bit more than a BIOS flash.  Multiphase power is becoming necessary, not optional, on many AMD boards and some have experience problems because of that.  Have you had any experiences with this?  For a more unique thread, in the Hardware Leaderboard forum is a soon to be Internet Cafe owner who is looking to get 50 or 60 PCs for his future patrons.  Help out with any suggestions about buying the PCs, and making sure that they get proper maintenance.

Thanks to Computex, we now have some hard numbers on Nehalem, and not only is the performance great, there’s a new episode of the nVIDIA-Intel soap opera to go along with it!If you’d rather fix older tech, than toss it out and buy a new one because of one bad cap, there is an old guide that can really help you out and it has some new tips.  Over in the storage forum is a rather long thread with some really good tips on what to do with a HDD that just doesn’t want to behave, or is it the laptops fault?

If you are looking at Linux as an alternative, for the first time, Meridian has some advice for you.  Check out this thread with reviews of all of the major distros; if you want, leave him your thanks over here.  Windows users get to see what the new Windows will look like, maybe

Lastly, make sure to frag, trade, argue or joke, it’s not all serious here after all.