AMD’s HD4870 and HD4850 finally deliver on what many enthusiasts have been waiting for these past few generations of GPUs; some competition.  nVIDIA has been far and away the better choice for performance and often for price as well.  These two new cards from AMD have worried nVIDIA enough that HEXUS thinks we should see some significant changes to nVIDIA’s next generation of chips.  We all expect performance increases, but nVIDIA may have to tighten up their bottom line and sell the next generation of cards at a lower price than they may have planned.

“Byrne thinks AMD/ATI’s aggressive pricing is just one of its current problems. “One of NVIDIA’s challenges is how to bring a new series to market when you already have so much stock out there,” he says. “Also we have a ‘less is more’ partner strategy whereas NVIDIA’s is ‘more is more’ and that doesn’t work when times are tough.”

NVIDIA has roughly three times as many board partners as AMD/ATI, which can help it maximise sales when its GPUs are heavily in demand but can complicate matters when adjustments are needed, such as when your competitor gets its act together.

For a look at how AMD has gone about getting its act together on the GPU front, read on… “

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